Gamma Yachts

is our watchword!

Once our customer decides to purchase the Yacht , an exciting availability to customise and build his own boat following his wishes open start, so that this way he could reflect in it his way to be, his tastes and the detail research; moreover as we believe and we want that the owner of our smallest Yacht could have the same availability in choosing as the biggest one-off owner, normally they precluded for the industrialisation of the Shipyards, or for the employ of the moulds and materials not suitable to the use.

The same eminent Vripack staff that from several years take care of the realisation of the biggest Megayachts will be at our owner disposal, ready to realise his own choices or to confirm his consultants ones. Therefore not only the easy material choice, but and most of all the layouts, decorations, inner and exterior solutions, fittings, equipments; so that his Yacht could guarantee to his owner the same uniqueness he wanted for his more familiar.

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