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Steel and only steel, which has been laminates in the most qualified factories of the northern Europe. The hull and the superstructure are monolithic and have been assembled with the same technique that is used to build trading and military vessels. Thicknesses ranging from 4 to 10 mm, depending on the part, multiple treatments with high-quality epoxy primers, AwlGrip paint with transparent glossy finish for greater durability and to prevent the tiresome phenomena and colour change.
But steel is also safety!
It means no danger for semi-submerged objects that so often hit the bow, no risk that the hull springs a leak, no problem for accidental shipwreck!
And no osmosis, the craft can remain permanently in the water, just like ships!


Safety above all guaranteed by the ample spaces of the aisles, from the height of the cap rails and the handrails , customizable external spaces from the aft cockpit to the sun-deck so to guarantee the comfort at the open air also during the navigation. Unlike the performance yachts these little ships allow any activities as standing still as in full navigation without creating the least bother to the fortunate guests.
The floor covering is made of natural Teak but you can also have it in Easthec®, this material is not only innovative and ecological but also and above all it's an easy maintenance and immune to colour changes material, besides it allows an ample personalization, both in shades and in insertion of logos or written.
The hydraulic swimming platform immerses itself in well 60 cm. under the sea level, authentic pearl, it allows the operations of launching and towing of the tender in absolute quickness and without any effort. Not only! It can be also used for going down or to coming up really easily from the sea, or more simply, it can also be used as a personal 'beach'.


The whole interior is realised exclusively using first quality materials and suitable for the nautical employ. In the Standard Specifications are previewed all the basic elements which concur in make our Yachts unique , exclusive and able to offer one kind of comfort not comparable with our competitors.
The interiors realisation is made in a separate building unit in which has been rebuilt in perfect scale the Yacht and the owner could 'come on board' of his own Yacht during its realisation phases, so to verify spaces, working quality and employed materials.
The watertight windows are double and the incomparable copiousness of soundproof materials make our yacht really silent and comfortable also during the night cruising! Moreover the insulation class , together with the physic steel features and of the insulation processes, make the environment without humidity and smell.
Great attention has been paid to the privacy and liveability on board; the several decks and the position of the crew cabins offer the top level of ergonomics and privacy on board. The inner stairs compete without any kind of problems to those normally fitted in an house for what concerns dimensions and safety. But this is not all: the inner heights are never less than 2 meters.


All the technical fitting has been engineered and realised so to offer the highest safety and functional standard as well as the ships are , all is hydraulic, not loss pipes , electric and electronic components of the most eminent suppliers fitted from the best workmanship. In the realisation of the engine room we considered to offer the optimal balancing of the weights and to guarantee the perfect link with the axle lines.
Each engine room has more than generous dimensions, is insulated from the rest of the hull by an area made completely of steel and is accessible through a fireproof hatch.
All this means safety! In case of serious damage on board, or even fire, the devastating flames will never reach the rest of the Yacht.